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Stationed for Thrills

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 2:00 PM

The station work continues on the Leviathan site. Both sets of stairs have been installed and we have now turned our attention to other elements. The electrical cables are being pulled into the cabinets and connected to the various devices that are housed in the station. The roof is nearing completion, and the guardrails are being installed. The pneumatic lines are installed and the connections to the various valves and cylinders are being made which will control the restraint release mechanisms on the trains, as well as the brake sections along the track.

Speaking of the track; of the 154 total track sections for Leviathan, there are only 34 left to install. We have completed the turnaround at front gate and are now installing track on the west side of the picnic tent. Track alignment has started and this process will continue as the track is installed.

We have received the first train and will put it on the track in a few weeks; it will be inspected and prepped for the first track run. Preparations will include switching polyurethane wheels out for nylon ones that are better for cold weather use. The first run will take place once a clearance envelope frame has been constructed and has been taken through the course track to ensure proper clearance in all areas of the coaster.

Director, Maintenance & Construction

- Peter Switzer

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